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Upgrade Your Recognition Process with Enhanced Magnet® Analytics

October 7, 2020

Gone are the days where you cross your fingers and hope you’ve submitted your ANCC Magnet Recognition Program® application correctly. With PRC’s Enhanced Magnet® Analytics, your team can upgrade your process to evaluate your efforts, submit with ANCC-formatted graphs, and display your patient satisfaction performance in a swift and efficient manner.

Upgrade Your Analytics

As a trusted partner in the healthcare industry, PRC listens to our clients and their on-the-ground feedback to simplify data reporting processes. To begin simplifying ANCC Magnet® submissions, PRC looked at clients like Bon Secours St. Francis, who recently received their third consecutive Magnet® Recognition. Tanya Lott, DNP, RN-BC, Magnet Program Director, states “PRC did not just listen to my feedback; they incorporated it so that the tool could be as user friendly as possible.” As Lott referenced, PRC released a new tool that will be helpful in monitoring performance during future submissions for current and new clients. PRC’s Enhanced Magnet® Analytics tool shows where to begin by presenting your current performance in all patient satisfaction categories, helping you identify areas for coaching and recognize which units are on track to exceed the PRC benchmark. This solution suggests which four of the nine patient satisfaction categories to include in your ambulatory and inpatient submissions. Once your potential to meet the Magnet® threshold for the remaining quarters is identified, adding your PRC data to your application are just a few clicks away.

Transfer Your Tables

Formatting on a Word document can be a bit finicky. Drag here. Drop there. Hit enter to signify a space. To make your documentation sleek and professional, PRC reporting displays your red/green tables required for submission. All you need to do is copy and paste the table into your file; no need to adjust your columns and rows. Lott says, “One of the biggest blessings was that the report generated the tables and graphs according to the Magnet® requirements. I simply had to copy and paste them into my documentation. The Magnet® support team at PRC was extremely helpful during the entire documentation writing process.” The submission process requires these tables and additional graphs for each category. With the Enhanced Magnet® tool, you can switch between categories quickly to generate only the graphs you need for your submission, complete with the PRC benchmark that makes you look best, and with formatting that makes them ready to copy and paste.

Submit Your Application

The length of time to evaluate your patient satisfaction Magnet® performance used to be hours or even days. Now, with automated smart reports, your loading time is only a matter of minutes. PRC’s Senior Magnet® Analyst, Andrea Paseka, noticed the potential for an upgrade and took action to improve wait times. “We put something together to enable our Magnet® contacts to answer frequently asked questions on their own. With this new tool, they can do it on their own timeline and use the data to monitor performance during the time between submissions,” said Paseka. “We’re hoping this reduces the stress that comes with a Magnet® application.” By simplifying the evaluation of your eligible units and questions, you can redirect your energy to further invest into achieving your nursing excellence goals.

Are you a current PRC client? Check out more Enhanced Magnet® information here. Just getting started on the Magnet® journey? Reach out to our team to get started on your enhanced path to excellence.