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The Coaches

Kathy Boswell Headshot

Kathy Boswell


Kathy brings her passion for life and service to her work. Her strong experience in a variety of service industries enables her to bring a unique perspective to healthcare. Kathy combines her significant proficiency in healthcare human resources and organizational development with her customer service work, resulting in coaching and mentoring techniques that are highly effective. A strategic thinker, Kathy focuses on solutions, approaching improvement with creativity, innovation, and collaboration. Her exceptional communication and presentation skills make her a sought-after presenter and coach. She has a track record for designing and teaching tools and methods that truly change behavior and, ultimately, the experience for every patient in each hospital she works with.

She began her career in account services, customer service, and training, and quickly moved into leadership roles. Her first healthcare positions utilized her extensive relationship-building talents and offered her the opportunity to get to know and understand the special challenges of patients, families, and others in the community. Next, she was promoted into senior leadership positions, overseeing the patient experience in a multiple hospital system. Her success in that role led to overseeing corporate-level organization effectiveness, with responsibility for strategy, design, and implementation for 5 hospitals and 40+ clinics.

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Michelle Collis Headshot

Michelle Collins MA


Michelle is known for her highly collaborative and achievement-oriented approach to leadership and improvement. She has decades of experience as a leader in healthcare service excellence, culture development, marketing, market research, and planning—all providing her with the ability to combine brand-oriented and patient experience approaches for clients. Working closely with leaders, providers, and teams so that they feel a higher level of satisfaction and engagement, Michelle is a pragmatic coach and motivator with the ability to articulate a vision and implement change.

Given her perspective that working with patients, families, and those who care for them is a profound privilege, Michelle has spent years turning up the volume on developing infrastructures for clinicians and administrators to collaborate with patients and their families to improve healthcare planning, delivery, and evaluation of medical services.

Barry Fleming Headshot

Barry Fleming


A highly-respected and recognized leader in healthcare marketing and sales, Barry has earned his reputation by consistently delivering on technical and customer service excellence. With 27 years’ overall experience, 18 in healthcare, and a background in computer science, he knows the intricacies required to build and sustain excellence. His ability to capture both the big picture and the details enable his unique skill in telling the story of the healthcare experience in a meaningful and authentic way.

The hallmark of Barry’s work is integrity; his goal in life and in business is to educate people and organizations to provide an excellent experience so that others benefit. As he has been known to say, “It’s amazing what happens when we put the consideration of others before ourselves; the benefits we receive come back two-fold!”

Cynthia King Headshot

Cynthia King Ph.D.

Senior Vice President, Physician and Employee Solutions


Dr. King is dedicated to uncovering the underlining fundamental needs that drive employee and physician engagement. Her research has found that employees’ perceptions and well-being improvement by providing interpersonal and workplace support. Cynthia’s research background along with her dedication to improving overall employee and physician relations make her a strong asset at PRC.

As Senior Vice President of Physician and Employee Solutions for PRC, she leads the Physician and Employee Engagement division and is responsible for the development of the Engagement Index used to help healthcare organizations find effective and efficient ways to engage employees, physicians and caregivers in their overall culture. Considered an expert in Action Planning for Excellence, she is an accomplished speaker and published author. She received a PhD in Educational Psychology with a specialization in Learning Cognition, Motivation and Instruction and a MA in Program Evaluation from the University of Texas at Austin.

Kathleen Lynam Headshot

Kathleen Lynam RN, MPA


An accomplished nurse executive with decades of experience in healthcare management, Kathleen Lynam is known as an exceptional coach, mentor, and change agent. She is an expert collaborator and problem-solver in complex and dynamic healthcare situations. She is also a champion for patient care, with a focus on evidence-based nursing and proficiency in performance improvement and team-building, making her a sought-after coach. Kathleen’s humor, communication skills, and ability to connect with an audience mean she is an outstanding presenter, who also inspires people to meet challenges with confidence and enthusiasm.

Kathleen began her career in the acute care setting, and quickly became a leader of nurses. After a very successful career as a healthcare executive, Kathleen transitioned to life as a consultant and coach. She has leveraged her wealth of knowledge and vast experience to lead more than 35 hospital organizations toward improvement. For the past ten years, Kathleen has coached all levels of leaders in all types of healthcare settings. She is highly respected as an executive, physician, and nurse leader coach; as director of coaching for seven years before joining HXF, she has led and trained high-performing coach teams.

Audrey McDonald


Katie Owens Headshot

Katie Owens MHA, CPXP

Senior Vice President, PRC Excellence Accelerator®


Clients and colleagues who have worked with Katie Owens recognize her very impressive mix of skills, knowledge, and experience. They also value her strong commitment to achievement, as well as an ethical approach that is a trademark of all her work. She balances a disciplined and competent technique with the ability to nimbly adjust a course of action when necessary. It is this unique approach that makes her stand head and shoulders above others in the industry.

Katie is an innovator, implementing new ways to deliver the best in patient-centered care. Known as a leader among leaders, she exhibits a decisive approach and has demonstrated the ability to achieve outcomes across the continuum of care. Katie works with clients to create cultures of excellence. She is a published author, coach, international speaker, and advocate for creating environments where the best care possible can be achieved. Katie served on Baptist Health Care’s (BHC) leadership team where she supported the system’s sustained journey to excellence. At a variety of other highly successful organizations, Katie has led teams of expert coaches dedicated to improving the quality of the patient experience and has been instrumental in creating leading-edge learning assets to support patient experience competencies. A highly sought-after expert, Katie is often quoted in national publications and is invited to speak at international and national conferences.

Audrey Page Headshot

Audrey Page CPXP

Senior Vice President, Patient Experience Solutions


Audrey is widely recognized as an expert in the field of patient experience and has developed a reputation of being devoted to client’s success. Audrey has been working with PRC clients since joining the organization in 1997, giving her a unique perspective on the emergence of the patient experience field and ways organizations can drive sustainable improvement. Based in Greenfield, Indiana, she has worked with hundreds of hospitals and health systems across the United States to help them measure and build customer loyalty. Through on-site educational presentations, webinars, and one-on-one consults, Audrey enjoys helping healthcare providers understand their customer experiences and finding solutions to provide consistently compassionate care to patients to achieve better outcomes. Starting as Executive Assistant to PRC’s President, she has also served as Consultant Assistant, Project Coordinator, Project Manager, and Client Relationship Manager. Audrey’s institutional knowledge of clients and of PRC itself is extraordinary. Her expertise enables Audrey to size up situations quickly and tap the right resources to provide consultation for implementing effective customer experience solutions. Audrey received formal designation as a Certified Patient Experience Professional (CPXP) from the Patient Experience Institute.

Jeffery Sackrison Headshot


A very highly regarded nurse leader, who transitioned into hospital operations leadership, Jeff Sackrison brings his passion as a clinician into the administrative suite. Jeff is profoundly dedicated to quality care and continuous improvement and the impact the patient experience has on clinical outcomes. As an executive with decades of experience in every area of nursing and healthcare operations, Jeff has a reputation for proficiency in strategic planning and decision-making.

Jeff has the know how he learned through multiple roles as a leader in a large, highly respected healthcare system. He brings his own unique talents and skills as a mentor, coach, and developer of high performing teams and the individuals that make up those teams. For the past 28 years, Jeff has held a variety of healthcare leadership roles, including COO and CEO, where he exceeded financial and operational targets and developed strong relationships with the medical staff, his leadership team, the hospitals’ Directors’ Council, as well as community groups.

Al Stubblefield Headshot

Al Stubblefield MS


Looking at Al Stubblefield’s body of work in creating symbiotic cultures and achieving incredible success in patient experience, it is easy to see that his ability to isolate root causes and identify solutions is extraordinary. It’s not just those skills that make Al highly respected and in demand. His expertise in outlining the steps and inspiring the discipline required to get the fly-wheel going toward improvement is legendary.

Recognized nationally and internationally as a founder of the patient experience movement, Al is known for leading organizations toward world-class patient-centered experience. He led Baptist Healthcare from the 17th to the 99th national percentile and achieved the Malcolm Baldridge Award and numerous other honors. He is the author of Journey to Excellence, still considered one of the most relevant guidebooks for creating and sustaining performance excellence in healthcare. His commitment to teach and inspire others to create environments where people can deliver and receive the best care has been part of his DNA for decades.

Al travels throughout the U.S. working with senior teams, board members, and leaders to create cultures that empower employees and providers to achieve and exceed organizational goals and ambitions.

Angela McKay Headshot

Trevor Turner



Trevor Turner has extraordinary insight about partnering with his colleagues: the team in the clinic, and certainly his patients. It is that insight that makes him one of the best up-and-coming physician coaches in the industry. Trevor believes that the ability to be vulnerable is crucial for anyone who wants to genuinely connect with patients and others. He is one who truly walks-the-walk, and serves as an example to those in his professional orbit. Becoming highly regarded as a mentor and coach, Trevor sees exceptional value that different kinds of people and thus, a diversity of perspectives, bring to a situation. “We all have things we excel in, and it takes more than one person’s strengths to develop creative solutions.” It is that humble approach, along with his extraordinary communication abilities and compassionate, empathetic approach that make him a very effective coach.

One of his personal tenants is to make sure that people he works with know how much he appreciates them and that they know their value. From the highest level of administration to the custodial staff, Trevor believes that every person has worth. He speaks to every individual, learns their names and gets to know them. His sincere interest in others, as a coach, also serves him well. He is known for listening and identifying ways for clients to develop skills that enable them to relate with others in meaningful ways.