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Executive Team

Joe Inguanzo Headshot

Joe M. Inguanzo Ph.D.

Founder, President & Chief Executive Officer


Dr. Inguanzo co-founded Professional Research Consultants, Inc., in 1980. What began as a passion for improving healthcare through research-driven insights has grown into a successful business benefiting millions of patients every year through hospitals and health systems using PRC’s custom research to achieve excellence. Through Dr. Inguanzo’s leadership, PRC has gained recognition for offering the most innovative and sophisticated market research and communication tools available. He also serves as a senior consultant for hundreds of hospitals and health systems in the United States, helping enhance loyalty to these institutions among patients, employees, medical staff, and consumers. Dr. Inguanzo has published dozens of articles in industry publications, such asHospitals & Health Networks, HealthLeaders, andTrustee magazine. He regularly speaks at national healthcare conferences, interpreting the trends revealed in PRC’s national studies and sharing his own extensive hospital experience. Dr. Inguanzo earned his degrees, including his Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering with emphasis on Statistics and Computer Science, from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, where he is a Member of the Nebraska Hall of Computing.

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Joyce Inguanzo Headshot

Joyce Inguanzo

Founder, Senior Vice President


Joyce joined PRC as a partner in 1981. Over the past three decades, she has driven advancements in the company’s interviewing methodologies and developed a cadre of several hundred professionally trained interviewers. Her leadership in training, quality assurance, and survey design has established PRC’s reputation as an industry leader in telephone research. Joyce is known for her keen, empathetic listening skills, which are vital to healthcare organizations that need researchers to understand the needs of patients, physicians, employees, consumers, communities, and government agencies. As PRC’s first interviewer, she has acquired a deep appreciation for the skillsets and resources needed to collect high-quality data in a timely fashion for clients through PRC’s advanced telephone methodology. She has also helped shape PRC’s culture, which values client-focused, dedicated, loyal employees. Joyce earned a bachelor’s degree in Education from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln.

Tom Schleff Headshot

Tom Schleff

Founder, Senior Vice President


Tom joined PRC as a partner in 1981 and has played an instrumental role in business development and client service, helping hundreds of hospitals and healthcare organizations across the United States understand the value and competitive advantages of custom healthcare research. He has been vital to PRC’s evolution into a national industry leader. Tom’s decades of client development and marketing experience have helped him hone a keen understanding of what clients need to interpret and transform their data into action plans to improve performance. Tom earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln.

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Ken Livingston Headshot

Ken Livingston

Founder, Executive Vice President, Chief Technology Officer


An early partner with PRC, Ken leads the company’s technical community, whose members develop and introduce reliably accurate, client-focused tools, such as PRCEasyView.com®. Ken’s Research and Development team leverages customizable research capabilities that enable clients to view data in real time and then interpret and apply the data-driven insights they collect. Their work has kept PRC on the leading edge of user-friendly technical innovations in the healthcare survey industry. With stints in sales, customer service, and statistical analysis, Ken has developed the kind of broad knowledge base that equips him to understand the unique needs of individual clients. He earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Architecture and a master’s degree in Computer Science, all from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln.

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Jan Gnida Headshot

Jan Gnida

Senior Vice President, Research Operations


Jan joined PRC in 1994 as a Project Manager and has vast experience managing multiple types of patient experience research. She is recognized as an expert in government surveys where she helps clients navigate accountability requirements associated with healthcare reform. Her outstanding organizational skills, expertise in managing workflow, encyclopedic knowledge of legislative requirements, and superior ability to translate client needs into PRC processes led to her selection as PRC’s Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS) Director in 2005, then to Director of Patient Experience & Government Surveys, and on to her current role as PRC’s Senior Vice President, Research Operations. Jan earned a Bachelor of Arts in English and Sociology from the University of Iowa, graduating summa cum laude. In addition, she has earned Lean certification from the University of Michigan’s College of Engineering.

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Katie Owens Headshot

Katie Owens

Senior Vice President, PRC Excellence Accelerator®


Katie joined PRC’s leadership team in 2018, helping to create the PRC Excellence Accelerator® Division to equip our clients with proven paths to improving employee, physician, and patient engagement. Katie believes the healthcare experience matters for every individual: patients, caregivers, and providers. She has worked both on the front lines of healthcare and in senior leadership roles. Now, she is taking bold steps to assure every organization has access to resources to achieve results. Currently serving as its senior leader, she co-founded the Healthcare Experience Foundation—created with the ambition for every person to receive and deliver the best possible care. She has worked with hundreds of organizations and thousands of leaders to equip their cultures and instill competencies that achieve breakthrough performance with quality, safety, patient experience, and workforce engagement. She is lead author of the HCAHPS Imperative for Patient-Centered Excellence and frequently authors in respected industry publications.

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Laurie Speaks Headshot

Laurie Speaks

Senior Vice President, Client Success


Laurie joined PRC in 2018 as a Leadership Consultant to develop strategy around Client Success initiatives. In 2020, Laurie assumed her current role of Senior Vice President, Client Success. Laurie is responsible for running all facets of the client journey, leading projects to success with high performing project teams. With the majority of her expertise in healthcare and life sciences, Laurie has a strong passion for people and a key focus on both creating and highlighting client success. She is a strong team leader and motivator, analytical thinker, and persistent change agent driven to engage and influence stakeholders to continuously seek, find, and successfully execute win-win solutions. Laurie has a Bachelors of Arts in Mass Communication and Media Studies from Arizona State University.

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Cynthia King Headshot

Cynthia King Ph.D.

Senior Vice President, Physician and Employee Solutions


Dr. King is dedicated to uncovering the underlining fundamental needs that drive employee and physician engagement. Her research has found that employees’ perceptions and well-being improvement by providing interpersonal and workplace support. Cynthia’s research background along with her dedication to improving overall employee and physician relations make her a strong asset at PRC.
As Senior Vice President of Physician and Employee Solutions for PRC, she leads the Physician and Employee Engagement division and is responsible for the development of the Engagement Index used to help healthcare organizations find effective and efficient ways to engage employees, physicians and caregivers in their overall culture. Considered an expert in Action Planning for Excellence, she is an accomplished speaker and published author. She received a PhD in Educational Psychology with a specialization in Learning Cognition, Motivation and Instruction and a MA in Program Evaluation from the University of Texas at Austin.

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Audrey Page Headshot

Audrey Page CPXP

Senior Vice President, Patient Experience Solutions


Audrey is widely recognized as an expert in the field of patient experience and has developed a reputation of being devoted to client’s success. Audrey has been working with PRC clients since joining the organization in 1997, giving her a unique perspective on the emergence of the patient experience field and ways organizations can drive sustainable improvement. Based in Greenfield, Indiana, she has worked with hundreds of hospitals and health systems across the United States to help them measure and build customer loyalty. Through on-site educational presentations, webinars, and one-on-one consults, Audrey enjoys helping healthcare providers understand their customer experiences and finding solutions to provide consistently compassionate care to patients to achieve better outcomes. Starting as Executive Assistant to PRC’s President, she has also served as Consultant Assistant, Project Coordinator, Project Manager, and Client Relationship Manager. Audrey’s institutional knowledge of clients and of PRC itself is extraordinary. Her expertise enables Audrey to size up situations quickly and tap the right resources to provide consultation for implementing effective customer experience solutions. Audrey received formal designation as a Certified Patient Experience Professional (CPXP) from the Patient Experience Institute.

Mark Gorrell Headshot

Mark Gorrell

Chief Information Security Officer


Mark Gorrell is a seasoned healthcare information technology executive with a track record of driving performance, efficiency and value for large, complex healthcare organizations, including integrated delivery networks, academic medical centers, and physician group practices. He brings extensive client-based insights to PRC, drawn from a career working with healthcare organizations and consulting firms serving healthcare clients, including Price Waterhouse, Geisinger, Allegheny Health System, Christus Santa Rosa Health System, and Georgetown University Medical Center. For 14 years, he served as CIO for Baystate Health, where he developed a strategic partnership with Cerner Corporation. Mark’s deep-seated understanding of the value of technology and innovative digital solutions in a rapidly changing marketplace grew out of these experiences. His approach to leadership has enabled him to build high-performing, service-oriented teams within a culture of collaboration, accountability, and continuous improvement. Mark earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the University of Texas in Austin and a Certificate in Health Care Financial Management from the University of South Carolina in Columbia.

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Bruce Lockwood Headshot

Bruce Lockwood

Senior Vice President, Community Health


Bruce joined PRC in 1990 and began developing PRC’s community health products in 1994, at a time when “community health needs assessment” and “population health” were little-known concepts among most healthcare organizations. Under his direction, PRC evolved into a nationally recognized leader in community health research, with more experience than any other national research provider. Over the course of his career, Bruce has advised hospitals, healthcare systems, public health departments, foundations, and community-based groups in hundreds of communities across the United States, and their work has impacted the lives of millions.
He works with clients to identify and define the specific health needs of their populations so that clients can conduct real-time and customizable research into individuals’ health status, risk, behaviors, and experiences to improve community health. He graduated summa cum laude from the University of Nebraska–Omaha with a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Studies and Public Relations.

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