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Nationwide Survey Results Show Healthcare Leadership it’s Time to Listen

PRC National Nursing Engagement Report Indicates Alarming Trends

OMAHA, Neb.April 2, 2019


PRC, a leading healthcare market research and consulting company supporting over 2,500 healthcare organizations across all 50 states, announced today the results of its National Nursing Engagement Report. This report, based on feedback from over 2000 healthcare partners, gives valuable insights that would be costly for hospital leadership to ignore.

PRC will host a live webinar on May 15 at 1:00 p.m. CT to review the study and offer best practices for leadership hoping to combat burnout, drive engagement, and improve the employee experience. The study was authored by PRC Director of Client Organizational Development, Cynthia King, Ph.D. and Leigh Ann Bradley, Ph.D., MSN, MA, BS-CHE, RN, Executive Coach and National Speaker from the PRC Excellence Accelerator, which is powered by Healthcare Experience Foundation. You can download the full results of the study here.

PRC found that half of nurses reporting burnout have no plans to leave their organization. They are physically “clocking in,” but are emotionally “clocked out,” which directly impacts reported patient experience and a hospital’s ability to achieve excellence. Although 15.6 percent of all nurses reported feelings of burnout, that percentage rises to an alarming 41 percent when looking solely at unengaged nurses. Thankfully, being able to identify unengaged nurses and understand their distinction from an engaged, yet burned out nurse, gives leadership the opportunity to gain strategic insight and implement any needed change to support and drive employee engagement.

“PRC’s Nursing Engagement Report offers hospital leadership a unique perspective into some of the silent drivers of patient experience,” said King. “We strategically designed this national survey to help leadership understand which nurse engagement drivers are essential to address and how to do so appropriately.”

In addition to offering quantitative data about nurse retention, the study also reveals working behaviors across generations of nurse retention. For example, while it is known that Millennials have different expectations from leadership and their work environments than previous generations, not enough has been done to drive and support their engagement.  The findings confirm it is imperative that employers start to understand how to effectively engage these future nurse leaders.

About PRC

PRC, a leading market research and consulting company, specializes in high-quality survey research, analytics tools, and coaching for the healthcare industry. At PRC, we take healthcare personally and empower organizations to drive excellence in all aspects of healthcare. We partner with organizations to support their efforts in improving healthcare for all by becoming better places for patient to be treated, physicians to practice medicine and employees to work. PRC stands at the forefront of innovation, offering clients real-time survey solutions, innovative techniques and actionable insights making sure our support extends beyond the patient and into the realm of employee engagement, physician partnership and alignment, community health needs, government-mandated reporting, consumer and brand studies, and more.


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