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PRC Healthcare Differently – Professional Research Consultants, Inc. Kicks Off 2019 with New Website, Tagline, and Enhanced PRC EasyView® Features

Professional Research Consultants, Inc. is a leading healthcare market research and consulting organization, devoted to helping hospital leaders, staff, and physicians achieve excellence. PRC is excited to announce a new website, tagline, and enhanced PRC EasyView® features.



PRC, a leading healthcare market research and consulting organization, devoted to helping hospital leaders, staff, and physicians achieve excellence, announced today the launch of its newly designed website at http://www.prcexcellence.com. The website now features a streamlined design, improved functionality, and robust insights to help healthcare leaders make informed, confident decisions about their opportunities to strengthen patient experience scores, increase engagement, and contribute to a healthy community. PRC will regularly update the website with news on the latest in company services, healthcare industry updates, and best practices. Alongside the new website, PRC announces a new tagline: healthcare differently.

“We are excited to debut our new company website to our clients, partners, and the visitors looking to understand the comprehensive products and services we offer,” said Joe M. Inguanzo, Ph.D., President, and CEO of PRC. “As we enter the new year resolving to examine healthcare differently, we recognize the need to equip healthcare organizations with an even higher level of support to improve. This means we are challenging ourselves to reach beyond the status quo and into the realm of excellence. In 2019, more so than ever, we’re dedicated to offering top-class service while developing innovative coaching methodologies to sustain results-driven data.”

Along with the new website, PRC also released a chat feature for PRC EasyView.com® to enable on demand support from PRC experts at the user’s convenience, at no additional cost to clients. As PRC’s award-winning data management software, EasyView supports thousands of users dedicated to enhancing the patient experience, aligning and engaging physicians, engaging employees, differentiating brands, and improving community health.

Additionally, 2019 will mark the first full year of PRC’s Excellence Accelerator. Launched October 2018, Excellence Accelerator provides on-site coaching and comprehensive solutions to improve meaningful outcomes, such as reducing turnover while elevating employee and physician engagement and enhancing patient experiences of care. PRC’s Excellence Accelerator division equips healthcare leaders, staff, and physicians with tools, coaching, and a proven roadmap for success. This expansion welcomes a team which has helped hundreds of healthcare champions find a unique path to improvement and sustainability.

About PRC
Since its inception in 1980, PRC has helped more than 2,500 healthcare organizations achieve their research objectives by collecting and analyzing timely, accurate, and reliable feedback from patients, employees, physicians, and the community at large. PRC is at the forefront of innovation in the healthcare market research industry, currently offering its clients real-time survey solutions, a dynamic Value-Based Purchasing (VBP) calculator, and the PRC Engagement LinkSM, a proprietary tool offering clients a unique, holistic analysis of the relationship between employee engagement and patient experience.

PRC’s emphasis on the partnership and service it provides separates them from other big-business survey research vendors. PRC excels in innovative research design, custom reporting and analysis, and personalized consultative support. With over 800 associates in Omaha, Nebraska, PRC’s team helps healthcare organizations achieve excellence in five research divisions: Patient Experience, Employee Engagement, Physician Partnership, Consumer and Branding, and Community Health.