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PRC Named Among Largest Patient Satisfaction Measurement Firms by Modern Healthcare

Organization partners with over 2,800 organizations nationwide, offering proven healthcare experience solutions with an intuitive focus on excellence.

OMAHA, Neb., November 2, 2022

PRC, a leader in the healthcare intelligence space, was recently named by Modern Healthcare in their 2022 list of the country’s most popular Patient Satisfaction Measurement Firms.

The publication released their 2022 organization list for purchase on October 17, featuring information about 11 of the largest satisfaction measurement firms.

PRC was founded in 1980 in Omaha, Nebraska as a healthcare-exclusive research partner, currently working with over 2,800 hospitals and health systems in the United States. The organization’s suite of solutions spans the entirety of the healthcare landscape, with solutions grouped in the following divisions:

  • Community Health
  • Consumer & Brand
  • Employee Experience
  • Patient Experience
  • Physician Partnerships

“It’s an honor to be featured in this year’s list of organizations,” said Laurie Speaks, PRC’s Senior Vice President, Client Success. “We hope this placement will bring more eyes to our work in the healthcare experience, giving us a chance to connect with additional facilities and health systems and support their invaluable contributions to healthcare.”

In their patient experience work, PRC leads the nation in HCAHPS response rates, which provides organizations with a fully representative sample of their patient demographic and, given the positive correlation between response rates and HCAHPS performance, optimizes their likelihood of achieving top performance in their surveys.

Across all solutions, PRC provides a distinct, unique scale over their competition dedicated to the measurement of “excellence” in their research. This equips organizations with a top-box measurement that truly captures the mark of a superior healthcare experience, also serving as a valuable gauge of recommendation likelihood from respondents.

Learn more about PRC by visiting their website here.

About PRC

PRC, a leader in the healthcare intelligence space with the most comprehensive healthcare discovery platform, is taking surveys to a new level. PRC’s solutions and intuitive reporting focus on changing the way organizations manage and improve five key areas of the healthcare experience—patient, physician, employee, community, and brand. Over 2,800 healthcare organizations across the United States have used PRC to listen, understand, and take action to create cultures of excellence. To ensure clients have access to leading practices, coaches, and learning resources, PRC is partnered with Healthcare Experience Foundation (HXF) to accelerate paths to excellence. The PRC healthcare discovery platform is a system designed to drive action, optimize engagement, and increase loyalty while building a positive culture across the healthcare ecosystem.

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