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PRC Research Explores COVID-19’s Critical Impact on American Communities

National Coronavirus Community Impact Survey yields revealing insights into the country’s perceptions and reactions to COVID-19

OMAHA, NEB. (PR Newswire) August 25, 2020

PRC, a leading healthcare market research and consulting company supporting over 2,800 healthcare organizations across all 50 states, released findings concerning the effects of COVID-19 on American communities and populations.

Through the organization’s National Coronavirus Community Impact Survey, PRC contacted households across the country in July 2020 to share their perceptions of COVID-19 and how it’s affected their lives. Among the survey’s findings, PRC found nearly half (47.6%) of American adults consider COVID-19 a “major problem” in their community with sleep, lack of exercise, and financial costs found to be critical health impacts of the coronavirus pandemic.

“In such an uncertain time, this research offers a bird’s eye view of how America is coping with the COVID-19 health crisis,” said Bruce Lockwood, Senior Vice President, Community Health.

Results from this study are now available as a downloadable infographic on PRC’s online Insights page, also home to other national research undertakings like the National Healthcare Consumer Study and National Nursing Report.

A prevalent topic discussed in the survey is the effect of COVID-19 on mental health. Despite over a fifth (21.5%) of participants citing a worsened mental health state since the beginning of the pandemic, over half (53.7%) remain unaware of the local mental health resources at their disposal.

“I hope this research not only informs the public of the big picture surrounding this pandemic, but also encourages hospitals and healthcare organizations to assess how they’re handling the virus and how they can better accommodate the needs of their communities,” said Joe Inguanzo, Ph.D., PRC President and CEO.

Other notable findings include:

  • 30.9% of respondents say someone in their household has lost hours or wages since mid-March
  • 33.5% of residents chose to forego a medical appointment that they needed or already had scheduled because of concerns about coronavirus
  • 55.1% of households have an older adult or someone with an underlying health condition, putting them at greater risk

Given the quickly changing environment in communities across the country, PRC also conducts localized versions of the Coronavirus Community Impact Survey as a valuable way for hospitals and health departments to update the health needs identified through their Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) research. In addition to the national study, PRC conducts Coronavirus Community Impact Surveys for healthcare organizations around the country for insights to the communities they serve.

Download the PRC National Coronavirus Community Impact Survey infographic at https://www.prcexcellence.com/prc-national-coronavirus-community-impact-survey/.

About PRC

PRC, a leading market research and consulting company, specializes in high-quality survey research, analytics tools, and coaching for the healthcare industry. With over 40-years of experience conducting hospital phone surveys to patients, community, physicians and employees, PRC’s mission is to drive excellence in all aspects of healthcare. PRC partners with organizations to support their efforts in improving healthcare for all by becoming better places for patients to be treated, physicians to practice medicine, and employees to work. PRC stands at the forefront of innovation, offering clients real-time survey solutions, innovative techniques and actionable insights making sure support extends beyond the patient and into the realm of employee engagement, physician partnership and alignment, community health needs, government-mandated reporting, consumer and brand studies, and more.

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