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PRC Research Finds Over a Fifth of American Adults Have Been Diagnosed with a Depressive Disorder

Findings concerning mental health’s prevalence, indicators, and treatment in America documented in National Health Survey brief

OMAHA, Neb., Jan. 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/

PRC, a leading healthcare experience company supporting over 2,800 healthcare organizations across all 50 states, released findings from their National Health Survey showing over one-fifth (20.6%) of Americans have been diagnosed with a depressive order, with 30% having sought professional help regarding mental health.

PRC conducts their National Health Survey triennially, collecting data on community and population health topics from households across the country, and publishes findings from the survey as downloadable briefs on the organization’s online Insights page.

PRC’s latest National Health Survey brief focuses on mental health in America, including statistics about diagnosed depression, indicators, compounding issues, and seeking help for mental health.

“As we enter the new year, COVID-19 and many of its ramifications remain intact,” said Jana Distefano, MPH, Director, Community Health. “Among the COVID-19 fallout is its impact on mental health—sometimes described as the ‘fourth wave’ of the pandemic—which is why it’s important for us to share what we’ve learned in conducting our National Health Survey.”

Other findings from the brief include:

Nearly a quarter (24.8%) of American adults with diagnosed depression have been unable to receive the mental health services they were seeking
Domestic violence is cited by residents with diagnosed depression over three times (30.8%) as much as people without diagnosed depression (9.6%)
American adults aged 18–39 (26.9%) lead populations aged 40–64 (20%) and 65+ (9.3%) in being diagnosed with a depressive disorder
Data from the National Health Survey serve as benchmarks for PRC’s Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) research, providing insights to organizations across America about the unique health conditions and needs of the populations they serve.

“The CHNAs we conduct for organizations go beyond fulfilling government requirements,” said Bruce Lockwood, Senior Vice President, Community Health. “They equip organizations with the information needed to make decisions that lead to meaningful change in the health of their communities.”

In October 2020, PRC published “Risks to Healthy Aging,” a brief from their National Health Survey that details the health challenges and risks that senior citizens in America face, including chronic disease, falls, and disabilities. The organization plans to release more National Health Survey briefs throughout the year.

Download the brief at https://www.prcexcellence.com/prcs-national-health-survey-brief-mental-health/

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