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PRC Unveils Groundbreaking End-to-End Patient Experience Solution

Transforming the Healthcare Experience

OMAHA, Neb., November 15, 2023

PRC, a leading provider of healthcare experience solutions, is proud to announce the launch of its revolutionary End-to-End Patient Experience solution, marking a significant milestone in reshaping the landscape of the healthcare experience.

This innovative offering positions PRC as the industry’s trailblazer, delivering a seamless solution that addresses the entire patient experience journey, from the initial point of contact to post-discharge care.

The comprehensive offering gives organizations a dedicated solution beginning with the initial point of contact. PRC drives patient access goals by streamlining appointment booking processes, minimizing delays, and providing compassionate support through their live call center. By optimizing appointment scheduling and ensuring patients feel valued and heard from the first impression, PRC sets the stage for an exceptional patient experience.

This solution goes beyond traditional patient experience measurement, extending its reach to evaluate and enhance the experiences of physicians, clinicians, and staff. By analyzing these interrelated data points, PRC provides unmatched understanding of the entire healthcare ecosystem, enabling organizations to drive sustainable retention and engagement improvements.

Through targeted initiatives, PRC fosters a culture of collaboration and human connection, recognizing that engaged healthcare professionals deliver better care and ultimately lead to improved patient experience. As part of the End-to-End Patient Experience solution, PRC’s new Relationship Rounds™ offering challenges conventional audits and systematic requirements, prioritizing open communication and feedback to create a positive workplace environment.

Additionally, PRC’s comprehensive solution empowers organizations to strengthen post-discharge care through 1:1 discharge communication and outreach. By providing patients with a thorough understanding of discharge instructions, answering questions, and offering support, PRC enables smoother transitions, reduces readmission rates, improves provider follow up, and empowers patients to take control of their health and recovery.

“We believe that every step of the healthcare journey is an opportunity to build trust and foster a patient-centered environment. In the pursuit of healthcare excellence, PRC is excited to extend our patient experience offering to meet the dynamic and changing needs of patient access and experience across the continuum of care. ” said Laurie Speaks, Senior Vice President, Client Success at PRC.

As the industry’s only true End-to-End patient experience solution, PRC’s offering seamlessly integrates with healthcare organizations’ operations, extending organizational capabilities to elevate their standard of care, drive patient loyalty, and optimize patient outcomes.

For more information about PRC’s End-to-End Patient Experience solution and how it can transform your organization’s healthcare experiences, please visit www.PRCExcellence.com.

About PRC

PRC, a leader in the experience management space, is taking experience solutions to a new level. PRC’s surveys and intuitive reporting focus on changing the way organizations manage and improve five key areas of the healthcare experience—patient, physician, employee, community, and brand. Over 2,800 healthcare organizations across the United States have used PRC to listen, understand, and take action to create cultures of excellence. To ensure clients have access to leading practices, coaches, and learning resources, PRC is partnered with Healthcare Experience Foundation (HXF) to accelerate paths to excellence. PRC’s proprietary healthcare discovery platform is a system designed to drive action, optimize engagement, and increase loyalty while building a positive culture across the healthcare ecosystem. www.PRCExcellence.com

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