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Building a Positive Workplace Culture in Healthcare that Lasts

July 28, 2022

How to build and sustain a positive workplace culture is explored this week on the Healthcare Experience Matters Podcast, created by our Healthcare Experience Foundation partners.

Katie Owens, Healthcare Experience Foundation (HXF) co-founder and president and PRC senior vice president, PRC Excellence Accelerator® is our guest. We are excited to welcome Katie back for this crucial conversation on the ins and outs of creating a positive workplace culture that lasts.

It is far from a secret that there is often a profound difference in the quality of the interactions we have with disengaged team members versus those that are engaged.

“When a leader is disengaged, the research shows their team is also likely to be disengaged,” Katie told us in the opening moments of today’s podcast.

As Katie also discussed in today’s episode, it is never too late to start improving culture, and building a positive workplace culture that lasts really starts with an engaged workforce.

“Engagement is at the core of our ability to leverage and influence all of our balance scorecard outcomes,” Katie said.

As we learn from Katie on today’s podcast, when morale is low it is very difficult to focus on:

  • Advancing the patient experience
  • Advancing a culture of zero harm and patient safety
  • Retaining our best employees
  • Ensuring we are being good stewards of financial resources

“Engaged employees and physicians are much less likely to experience signs and symptoms of compassion fatigue and burnout,” Katie added.

Listen to the podcast below.