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Coming Soon: Advanced Comment Analytics

November 18, 2020

For years, the unstructured information provided in the open-ended questions on surveys has been challenging to synthesize on a large scale. When asked, “what are patients talking about?” your answer is likely related to the subject of the last 3-5 comments you read. And if you want to describe the differences between what patients were talking about last quarter, or last year, compared to now, it’s practically impossible. Artificial intelligence (AI) transforms this rich qualitative data into quantitative data that can be compared and trended, and it can deal with infinitely more comments than our brains, or our homemade Excel files, can.

We are very excited to share our newest tool that will enrich your understanding of how patients feel about the care you provide! PRC’s developers and qualitative analysts have been using their 2020 quarantine time to integrate natural language processing (NLP) and AI models into the data flow that populates your reports on PRC EasyView®. And for robust, easy-to-navigate data displays, we have embedded Tableau into EasyView so that you can continue to work with your results all in one place.

Please join Jan Gnida, CPXP, PRC’s Senior Vice President, Research Operations, for a client-exclusive webinar where she will introduce you to this new way of listening to your patients. Topics include:

  • Understanding NLP and AI for PX
  • How PRC’s AI model is learning to listen to your patients
  • Looking at Advanced Comment Analytics through Tableau embedded in EasyView®
  • How Advanced Comment Analytics can reveal what our patients truly see as “Excellent”