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Halfway to Differently: Checking in with our New Year’s Promise

July 2, 2019

On New Year’s Day, we started 2019 with a new tagline: Healthcare Differently. We wanted to do more than just make New Year’s Resolutions (though you’ll be pleased to hear that the resolutions we did make are going well) we wanted to start seeing more than just the forest through the trees. We knew there’s a world of healthcare possibilities and wanted to start looking for the mountain or the ocean or the moon. PRC promised you that we’d ask ourselves, “What can we do differently that’s just crazy enough to work?

Today, we’re halfway through 2019. Most of us are gearing up for a long weekend with friends and family, celebrating Independence Day and enjoying time to ourselves. Before heading out for fireworks, we wanted to check in with our January promise and see what we’ve done differently over the past six months.

On the Web

One of the biggest changes has been to our corporate website. With a fresh look and updated content, we’ve managed to place the solutions our partners need at their fingertips. But because we know knowledge is power—especially in the ever-evolving world of healthcare—we built an insights page which houses all our freshest content. Blog posts, webinars, videos, articles, briefs, even the podcast is there and easily searchable by content type, product line, and keyword. Soon, PRC partners will be able to access even more exclusive content designed to help us engage a little better. We know it’s difficult to wrap your head around all the different directions our industry moves, so we’re here to help you read it a little differently.

Or, in the case of our podcast, listen. Available for streaming on the website or wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts, Mondays With Mel has been one of our favorite adventures. What started as an experiment in a new medium has evolved into a catalog of conversations with some of healthcare’s brightest minds. We explored Chicago community health, asked what patient experience means to laypeople, and learned how birthing a baby in a van can change your perspective on excellence. We’ve been touched by the number of people excited to tell their stories and ideas about healthcare and look forward to continuing to share them the first Monday of each month.

In the World

When we decided to mix it up in 2019, it became clear that nothing is immune from Healthcare Differently. Our annual conference took a hiatus this year in lieu of two one-day summits, one in the spring and one in the fall. Despite the shorter duration, we managed to have twice the fun! Our experienced team of presenters engaged a full house of attendees on a range of topics including EasyView® tools and opportunities, building culture, staff reward and recognition, improving the team relationship with physicians, and how to leverage quick ideas to build the patient experience. It was as rewarding as it was enriching, and for anyone who missed the Spring Summit, we hope to see you in the fall!

If you follow PRC, you know that we love to measure healthcare differently. Market research is the passion which drove us to healthcare decades ago, so we take measuring not only the data itself, but how we collect that data, very seriously. This spring, the Beryl Institute published our correlation between HCAHPS dimension scores and response rates. We’re honored to be featured both in peer-reviewed research and as part of the face of data integrity in healthcare, especially at a time when the impacts of research are under more scrutiny than ever.

In fact, the more we thought about healthcare, the more we wanted to write about it. And the more we wrote about it, the more of you got to read it! Our National Nursing Report was featured in Becker’s Hospital Review, MedIndia published Excellence Accelerator® research on ED and ICU care, and our Community Health team saw their mental health findings published by e-counseling.com. Healthcare is something we all experience, profession aside, and sharing these ideas with the community reminds us of the joy in what we do.

In the Hospital

Of course, it’s not enough to just measure and share healthcare differently. Growing with the market, we’ve thrown more resources behind our real time data offerings, including the industry’s first real time data measurement app for PRC EasyView®, now available for Android and iOS. Further, our comment analytics and star ratings features now give clients control over the publicly facing provider data necessary to ensure that the consumer-driven marketplace and caregivers alike can easily access transparent and accurate reflections of the care your hospital provides.

Helping each step of the way are our Excellence Accelerator® coaches. So far in 2019, our team of coaches and consultants have traveled all across the United States, meeting with new and old friends and discovering what they can do differently to drive excellence in healthcare. Our coaches often find that the best way to affect change is through accountable action. The same is true with resolutions. By reminding our clients, readers, and each other of the excellence we strive to achieve each day, we all hope to remain focused on the steps we take toward improving healthcare for all. Healthcare Differently means transforming into better places for patients to be treated, physicians to practice medicine, and employees to work.

Halfway through 2019, we’re treasuring every step of the journey.