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HCAHPS Calendar for 2020

December 17, 2019

PRC is a partner in every sense of the word — we define success the way our clients define success. We understand the regulatory, demographic, and financial challenges hospitals face in today’s marketplace. Everything we do is designed to help hospitals build a reputation for excellence among all of its stakeholders, including patients, physicians, medical and non-medical staff, communities and government agencies. That is why we are excited to provide you with the HCAHPS Calendar for 2020.

Because most hospitals now qualify for the pay-for-performance incentives in the VBP program, it is very important to work with a survey partner, like PRC, that can navigate the survey process and help hospitals achieve their incentive targets.

PRC begins by pairing research professionals with hospital teams to assess needs, evaluate approaches, develop an implementation plan, and formulate and test survey items.

Data will populate PRCEasyView.com within minutes of responses being recorded, offering clients real-time results. In the meantime, PRC will train clients to use the tool to review, analyze and communicate results strategically.

PRC can also help hospitals interpret data and develop action plans to address issues, focus on Key Drivers of Excellence®, and improve performance. Follow-up is a phone call or email away. There is no expiration date on PRC’s expertise.

Click image to see HCAHPS schedule for 2020