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New Year’s Resolution: Healthcare Differently

January 1, 2019

In 2017, I stopped making New Year’s resolutions and started making lists of what I wanted to accomplish that year. Items ranged from serious—finally run that 5K—to silly, like when I challenged myself to pet a goat, conquering a lifelong uncertainty around those horned critters. When I stopped thinking of the new year as a time to overhaul my life and started seeing it as a chance to try new things, it became much easier to have a sense of accomplishment every December 31st. In order to grow, I had to think a little differently about the familiar.

This year, the PRC team is doing the same. We’re starting the year with a new tagline and mantra: Healthcare Differently. Instead of vaguely resolving to do more for our clients and the industry, we’re listing milestones we’d like to reach and victories we’d like to celebrate. With this new tagline comes new expectations for ourselves—how can we push ourselves to see healthcare differently?

Like many of you, we’ve been in this business a long time. Also like many of you, we occasionally struggle to see the forest through the trees. Starting now, with Healthcare Differently, we’re going to stop looking for the forest and start looking for the mountain or the ocean or the moon. We’re asking ourselves and our partners, “What else is out there? What can we do differently that’s just crazy enough to work?”

In part, we have to credit our new friends and the Excellence Accelerator® for this breath of fresh air. By welcoming Katie Owens and her team into the PRC family and expanding our services to include comprehensive coaching and consulting, we’re able to expand our comfort zone. We’ve always believed in taking research beyond the page and plan to do the same by coaching healthcare differently.

We’re also excited to find new ways to stay the same. Fostering relationships with our clients and partners comes first; those who’ve worked with us are kind enough to praise our dedication to the personal touch. Honored to have worked with so many amazing people over the last 40 years, we’ve become intrigued by your stories, the people behind the scenes of hospitals, facilities, and clinics. The more we learned about people who refuse to let their care fall anything short of excellent and the creative steps taken to achieve those goals, the more we realized we had to open those stories to the world. What can we do to share healthcare differently?

Starting this month, we’ll publish a monthly podcast, each one offering an opportunity to hear the remarkable stories of the folks behind the curtain, working hard each day to help both their community and the industry flourish. On January 14, find Mondays with Mel wherever you get your podcasts.

Finally, we want to empower you to understand healthcare differently. Aside from our suite of research, analytic, and coaching tools, we’re resolved to simplify the process of learning about the ever-evolving world of healthcare. From regular blog posts to white papers to videos, our library of insights has supported countless clients on their journey to excellence. Next month, we’re launching a new website, with enhanced insight search that will make it easy for you to find information ranging from CAHPS updates to the latest in Community Health. We’ll share our updates, podcasts, and the latest from the industry on the newly designed and refreshed PRCCustomReserach.com and through our newsletter, so be sure to subscribe here. Further, keeping with our goal to increase transparency and improve reporting, EasyView, our award-winning data reporting software, will offer both a mobile and online chat experience. Additionally, provider star ratings are now available using patient data, giving you the power to rate healthcare differently.

From all of us at PRC, we wish you the very best for 2019 and are excited for the excellence we’ll discover when, together, we healthcare differently.