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PRC Launches Advanced Comment Analytics Tool, VoicesAi

VoicesAi combines artificial intelligence and data visualization to help healthcare leaders identify sentiment and valuable insights within their patients’ comments.

OMAHA, Neb., February 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/

PRC, a leading healthcare experience company supporting over 2,800 healthcare organizations across all 50 states, released the latest in their line of intuitive healthcare intelligence tools, VoicesAi.

VoicesAi utilizes artificial intelligence to analyze comments within patient experience and CAHPS® surveys administered by PRC, saving healthcare leaders countless hours of time otherwise spent poring over numerous comments and searching for meaningful insights.

Output from PRC’s VoicesAi includes:

  • Sentiment analysis
  • Categorization of comments by relevant patient experience themes
  • Highlights for comments that describe what “excellent care” looks like to a patient

Data from VoicesAi is displayed in PRC’s healthcare discovery platform, PRCEasyView.com®, using real time data collection and visualization to provide up-to-date findings, easy-to-understand insights, and multiple categories and super-categories for in-depth drill-down analysis.

“The VoicesAi tool will accelerate our clients’ processes for extracting meaning from the generous feedback our patients provide in surveys across the continuum of care. Free text comments from patients are a valuable complement to the quantitative data we provide,” said Jan Gnida, Senior Vice President, Research Operations at PRC. “VoicesAi organizes those thousands and thousands of comments into manageable categories that add color to the story, and with that, healthcare organizations can refine their improvement strategies for creating excellent experiences for ALL patients.”

VoicesAi draws from the spirit of PRC’s existing comments tool, Voices®, which saves audio recordings of patient comments for leadership to review and share with their care team. Together, these solutions approach comments from different angles to cultivate a nuanced, multi-faceted understanding of patient feedback.

“With VoicesAi, we applied quantitative methodologies to qualitative data, and the fusion between the two highlighted what’s best about each form of data, giving way to actionable insights that our partners can use to make meaningful improvements for their patients,” said Joe Inguanzo, Ph.D., President and CEO of PRC.

Visit VoicesAi to learn more.

About PRC
PRC, a leader in the healthcare intelligence space with the most comprehensive healthcare discovery platform, is taking surveys to a new level. PRC’s surveys and intuitive reporting focus on changing the way organizations manage and improve five key areas of the healthcare experience—patient, physician, employee, community, and brand. Over 2,800 healthcare organizations across the United States have used PRC to listen, understand, and take action to create cultures of excellence. To ensure clients have access to leading practices, coaches, and learning resources, PRC is partnered with Healthcare Experience Foundation (HXF) to accelerate paths to excellence. The PRC healthcare discovery platform is a system designed to drive action, optimize engagement, and increase loyalty while building a positive culture across the healthcare ecosystem. www.PRCCustomResearch.com

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