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Service Recovery

June 1, 2019

We can all relate to times we have been disappointed by a service, restaurant, travel, or product experience. Chances are, there are instances when that individual or organization stepped in to recover your disappointment, as well as times when no one addressed your concern. How did their action (or inaction) influence your loyalty to that organization?

The reality in healthcare is that recovering disappointments is profound to shaping the memories, referrals, loyalty, quality, and service outcomes. We are a high-risk, high-emotion industry and despite our calls to serve and missions, we can make mistakes. According to research, 55% of individuals are already worried something might go wrong during their hospital stay. Knowing that we must work harder and harder to meet the demands of patients and consumers across our diverse continuum of care settings, evaluating the effectiveness of your service recovery process can pay dividends in creating patient and family loyalty.