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Smart move: Reach the right respondents with one of PRC’s smart, mobile-optimized surveys

March 27, 2018

Did you know that more than 224 million smartphone users in the US check their phones over 8 billion times every day?

It’s no wonder the best way to reach your patients is in the palm of their hands! Make the right call with PRC Smart Surveys, a great way to deliver high-quality patient surveys right to the people who need them.

The math is simple: The easier it is for patients to take your survey, the higher your response rate! And the fact that the average person can’t go more than 10 minutes without checking their phone makes finding your survey a whole lot easier.

  • Fact: Sending consenting respondents survey notifications via text and email accelerates response times and increases participation rates.
  • Fact: Text message invitations to surveys help you reach the right audience without impacting the demographic composition of your respondents.
  • Fact: PRC’s mobile-optimized web surveys completed by respondents using smartphones generate reliable, high-quality data.

PRC’s approach to data collection achieves exceptional results, generating response rates above the industry average, and mining insights that mark the first steps toward transforming patient care.

Find out how you can add web surveys with text message alerts to your PRC approach at minimal cost to your organization by contacting or calling us at 1-800-428-7455.

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