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The 2019 Excellence in Healthcare Regional Summit: A Reflection

May 10, 2019

PRC was excited to host our first, one-day Excellence in Healthcare Summit in Indianapolis on May 3rd, 2019. Our experienced team of presenters from PRC, Excellence Accelerator®, and Industry leaders engaged a full house of attendees on a range of topics from EasyView® tools & opportunities, building culture, staff reward & recognition, building the team relationship with physicians, and quick ideas to build the patient experience.

In recent years, the emphasis on patient experience has become a key focal point in healthcare. But did you also know that patient experience has become a top priority influencing physicians’ perceptions of your hospital as a place to practice medicine? Presented at the Summit, this finding highlighted not only the importance of this line of work, but also the momentum of this social movement in healthcare.

As discussed in several sessions, hospital staff have the opportunity to make endless healthcare experiences for the patients they serve. At the point when individuals enter hospitals as patients, they may feel overwhelmed, insecure, or even scared. While the teams at your hospitals are there to meet patient’s health needs, they also serve the very important purpose of reassuring patients that the hospital team is passionate about patients receiving the best possible care. So much goes into every care experience.

Attendees were interested in developing this experience—it’s important on a personal level and makes the difference in patient’s lives at some of their most vulnerable stages.
Some of the day’s highlights:

• The day opened with a review of the tools PRC clients enjoy from EasyView. These applications allow clients to slice data into meaningful segments and drill down to the key drivers that will foster improvement within their organization. The spotlight on the Voices application exemplified how powerful open-ended comments and tone can be when sharing personal stories. Actually hearing the patient speak about their care staff puts the experience into perspective.

• Current Industry Trends provided insight on what we’re seeing in healthcare right now. On that note, have you had a chance to review the National Nursing study? This article recently published by Dr. King and Leigh Ann Bradley focuses on aspects of engagement in nursing. PRC also recently had their findings on the impact of response rate on Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) dimension scores published in the April Patient Experience Journal. This recent research emphasizes the importance of a representative sample for your survey scores and Value-Based Purchasing (VBP) reimbursements.

• The CARES model presented in the morning invited attendees to understand why a highly reliable patient experience matters and how to implement this culture across their organization. As noted, “…Never one single interaction, healthcare experiences are made up of a million small encounters…Excellence always, every patient, every time.”

• After a networking lunch with colleagues, the group was energized with how to approach reward and recognition opportunities with team members. It’s heartwarming to see how far a sincere, “thank you” can go. The workshop encouraged attendees to look at both intrinsic & extrinsic rewards and recognition.

• The registrant list was made up primarily of Nurse and Patient Experience leaders, but we had the pleasure of physician speaking to our healthcare professionals about creating a high performing care team. Communication is key for successful healthcare teams!

• Wrapping up the day were 50 great patient experience ideas to motivate attendees as they headed back to their organizations to continue building the patient experience at their facilities.

It was exciting for us when the Indianapolis Summit sold out—but PRC can’t wait to open up registration for our next event and help your organization achieve excellence with this educational opportunity. We hope to see you there!