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The Sound of Gratitude: A PRC Partner Spotlight

May 5, 2020

During PX surveys, comments give patients opportunities to emphasize, contextualize, or otherwise share their thoughts on anything they couldn’t in a scaled question. They’re valuable sources of qualitative data, and as part of PRC’s commitment to excellence in healthcare, we offer resources like PRC Voices® to accentuate their value. During phone surveys, Voices® saves audio recordings of patient comments, adding a human touch to your research with an auditory layer unachievable in other methodologies. Utilizing PRC Voices® offers unique opportunities to cultivate a better understanding of patient perception among your team, as seen in a new employee recognition initiative from one of our partners. 

Saint Francis Hospital is a 1,112-bed acute care facility part of the greater Saint Francis Health System in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Among the hospital’s leadership is Bill Nole, MBA, CPXP, Saint Francis’ Director of Quality for over 20 years. During the COVID-19 health crisis, Nole saw the need to keep staff morale high in times when they’re needed the most. Offering patient care amid the pandemic causes healthcare employees and physicians to be particularly vulnerable as hospitals become the frontlines against COVID-19, so it’s important for hospital leaders to express their gratitude for their staff’s continued bravery and hard work. 

Looking for ways to recognize the excellent work performed by the hospital’s care teams, Nole turned to PRC Voices® to get firsthand accounts of how Saint Francis’ hospital workers are touching the lives of patients. The comments he found inspired him to launch a hospital-wide initiative tshow staff how grateful patients and executives are for their persevering dedication to the health and wellness of others. Nole, teaming up with Patient Experience Specialist Angela King, CPXPbegan printing posters with glowing patient comments they found through PRC Voices® and distributing them across the facility. Examples of comments displayed include: 

  • Everyone was kind and knowledgeable. They did a great job of making sure they followed protocols.” 
  • The nurses were amazing. So compassionate.”
  • “They were really just nice people… Wonderful people!” 

The acclaim of these comments come as a result of the excellent care environment that Nole and other executives instilled at Saint Francis Hospital. Hospital leadership encourages employees to prioritize empathy when treating patients, listening intently to what they’re saying and acknowledging accordingly. Similarly, when speaking to patients, employees are also encouraged to use “you”-heavy language to personalize the care setting (“your health is our priority,” “for your safety,” etc.). Overall, it is the hope of Nole and co. for caretaker-patient communication at Saint Francis Hospital to be positive, genuine, and honest; and from the sounds of the hospital’s comments, such positivity is being reciprocated by the people they’re serving. 

However, it’s not just Saint Francis Hospital who is receiving such comments. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re seeing more positive patient comments than ever as people realize the persisting responsiveness of hospitals and their staff in this once-in-a-lifetime health crisis. Indeed, using PRC Voices® can help you uncover recorded feedback similar to what Nole used about your own hospital. In times where uncertainty and fear may lower employee spirits, listening to these comments and sharing them with your staff could be the motivation they need to continue providing excellent care during these not-so-excellent-times. 

To learn more about PRC Voices®, reach out to your Client Service Manager or contact [email protected] today!