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Understanding Excellence from a Physician Perspective

July 7, 2022

In a previous article, we discussed excellence through the lens of top box measurement and how organizations can use our “excellence scale” for improvement in their patient experience. However, our dedication to excellence extends beyond measuring patient care, manifesting itself in every facet of our work in the healthcare experience. For physicians and providers, the importance of excellence carries heavy implications for not only the care they provide, but also the outcomes of the patients they treat.

As previously discussed, our research has found patients who rate their care as “excellent” to be four times more likely to recommend the providing organization than those who respond “very good.” A similar relationship exists between excellent ratings and patient adherence to following care plan instructions from their provider—a key indicator of healthier patients. Amid the expanded prevalence of value-based contacts where patient health and outcomes play a larger role than ever in calculating care reimbursement, verifying patient adherence to provider instructions becomes critical for the success of their practice.

The impact of healthier patients goes beyond care reimbursement, with improved health potentially leading to reduced insurance costs for patients, and healthier patients creating an easier practice environment for your physicians and providers. Regardless of the benefit, PRC’s excellence scale equips your physicians and providers with deeper insight to measure this important aspect of their care, ultimately contributing to greater overall success for your organization’s physician cohort.

Returning to the concept of how excellence provides greater opportunity for improvement, this notion goes beyond the excellence scale itself, especially in the case of physicians and providers looking to refine their care. Within PRC EasyView®, our Key Drivers of Excellence® tool calculates the three factors that most affected the results of their survey performance. For physicians, being able to know tangible aspects to focus on when treating patients can make all the difference in turning a “very good” care experience into an “excellent” one, optimizing the success of their practice and the likelihood of their patients’ sustained health.

When framing the importance of excellence in the physician cohort, it’s important to remember the impact of physician engagement on the care your patients receive. There’s a long-established positive correlation between engaged care teams and providers and improved patient experience scores, and we help you visualize that correlation in your data. Physicians and providers are especially key figures in a patient’s care experience, often serving as an authority figure in their care and for your care team members, making it all the more important for physicians to feel dedicated to providing excellence in their practice. That’s why PRC offers a suite of solutions geared towards optimizing physician relationships, their engagement, and potential for patient referrals.

Altogether, physicians and providers wear multiple hats when it comes to an organization’s success, from guiding the patient experience and influencing their health outcomes to leading care teams and presenting opportunities for growth with patient referrals. We believe it’s equally important to help physicians understand how they can improve their practice and patient treatment, and hospital leaders understand physician and provider perceptions with the same level of attention they bring to their practice. As such, we continue to partner with hospitals and health systems across the country to help them create the best possible practice environment for their physicians and further ensure excellence in the care they provide.

Learn more about PRC’s Physician Partnership Solutions here, and contact us today to speak with one of our experts about bringing PRC’s excellence measurement to your physician cohort.