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2023 PRC National Healthcare Consumer Study

August 8, 2023

“Holistic Medicine” is defined as a form of healing that considers the whole person; body, mind, spirits, and emotions. Much like with humans, the health of our institutions providing care requires a holistic approach. Parts of this approach include employee and physician engagement, patient experience, and marketing. ​ ​ As in any industry, a quality product is the foundation for success. In healthcare, that product is the experience patients and families have with their hospital, health system, or clinic. These healthcare brands are identified by consumer perceptions. While marketing campaigns play a vital role in patient perceptions, a strong patient experience is vital to forming the foundation. To provide the best possible patient experience, healthcare institutions must have engaged employees and physicians to ensure consumers feel the quality of care they receive is excellent. It is only then that marketing can successfully carry that message to the rest of the community, strengthening the overall brand.​ ​ What is important to today’s healthcare consumers? What are their expectations regarding quality of care? Are there perceived barriers to care? The 2023 PRC National Consumer Study looks at trends of how consumers across the country feel about the state of healthcare in their own communities.

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