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A Season for Gratitude – Thankful Thursday

December 6, 2018

As we celebrate the holiday season, PRC wanted to take the time to recognize the people and places that continue to make us who we are. “Thankful Thursday” is our way of not only expressing gratitude, but exemplifying the unique voices within our company. Join us every Thursday, this season, for a new story and perspective.

Hope Brown

Earlier today, I ran to pick up groceries for the week.  At the store entrance, bundled in a wool coat, scarf and a stocking hat was a kind gentleman ringing a hand bell and greeting us shoppers with “Happy holidays!,” “Merry Christmas!,” and “Bless you,” for the change or small bills people would donate to his red bucket, a collection bin for the Salvation Army. These volunteers are prevalent in Omaha this time of the year, parked at the entrances of nearly every major shopping establishment.  The donations they collect are used to help people across the globe who are in need…and for me, their presence calibrates my perspective and reminds me to count my blessings – because none of them are guaranteed for tomorrow.

Today, I thought about health, financial stability, and human kindness – all things that I take too much for granted.  On health, I am blessed with a family that could all gather for the Thanksgiving holiday.  None of us are battling a life-threatening illness or a disability that impacts quality of life.  My parents and in-laws have slowed down due to aging, but they still ask the grandkids to teach them about Snapchat and then they give us a laugh when they get excited about “creating streaks.”

Related to financial stability, I remind myself that my contributions to the “red bucket” won’t be missed, but they could make a big difference for someone else.  In 2018, I continue to have a career that I love helping a cause that I value.  Likewise, my husband forwarded his career by being appointed as a juvenile court judge.  We both find meaning in our work in two separate industries – coincidentally, two industries that are both on a journey to improve outcomes that are heavily influenced by mental health and self-accountability.

And finally, I appreciate the kindness of people.  To be clear, I am not talking about the absence of cruelty.  Most people aren’t cruel.  For most of us, we mind our own business and go about our lives in a way that doesn’t impact others.  For kindness, I am grateful for those who don’t choose to keep to themselves, but rather those who actively offer gestures and words that convey love and connection.  Despite the current political climate and the recent tragedies brought on by humans and nature, the world is a beautiful place because of the kindness that people choose to practice.

So, for those of you who work in the many healthcare organizations with whom PRC partners, I would be remiss if I did not point out your contributions to these things.  Clearly, the profession to which you have dedicated your lives directly impacts the health and financial stability of many of us.  And, as for kindness, you have answered a calling that puts you in the middle of “other peoples’ business,” and time and again, you respond with love.  For that, I am grateful for you!