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A Season for Reflection – Thankful Thursday

November 29, 2018

As we celebrate the holiday season, PRC wanted to take the time to recognize the people and places that continue to make us who we are. “Thankful Thursday” is our way of not only expressing gratitude, but exemplifying the unique voices within our company. Join us every Thursday, this season, for a new story and perspective.


Michaela Marian

As we enter another holiday season it is always good to look back and reflect on what we are thankful for in the past year. This year I graduated and entered the job market, with my first full-time position outside of academia. I am endlessly grateful that I found myself at PRC as a Project Manager. It had been my longstanding goal to find a position that merged my interests in healthcare and business, and I am pleased to have found a great fit at an outstanding company.

More than just the position, I am thankful for the deeply engrained and inspiring culture that PRC brings to the table. The culture drives the daily interactions I have with my coworkers and colors everything we do as a company. I am grateful for the team approach that we take with Project and Account Management. It helps to give us at PRC, and our clients the most seamless and cohesive experience in driving work and achieving outcomes. Further, I am thankful for the wonderful clients I am able to work alongside and interact with on a daily basis to implement study needs.

I am grateful for the unique flexibility that PRC offers as well. This can be seen across the organization, in everything from the customization on surveys to the specifics of the role for Project and Account Managers. PRC wants employees to grow and to be able to develop and hone their unique skill sets and interests. To find a company that is so engaged in building their employees has been a wonderful experience.

Of course, I am grateful for wonderful coworkers who build each other up and support one another’s goals. Regardless of the issue, there is someone willing to provide guidance or engage in the learning experience with you. PRC employs the kind of people you look forward to seeing when coming in to work every day.

Last but certainly not least, I am thankful for the amazing food, potlucks and celebrations our department hosts. It has become a high point of my week looking forward to a Thursday potluck during Nebraska football season, or a monthly birthday celebration where we all gather, connect, and eat amazing food!

This holiday season I am thankful for PRC and everything it has to offer!