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Confidence in Reporting: Dashboard

February 17, 2022

PRC’s PX Success Series “Confidence in Reporting” sessions educate you on the feedback provided in PRC’s reporting of your patient data, so you are empowered to understand, discuss, and act upon your data. These sessions provide an explanation of the benefits and understanding of various PRC EasyView® reporting applications, such as Target Tracker, Key Drivers®, Snapshots, Dashboard, and Voices®, as well as the automated EasyView to You delivery tool for ease of reporting.

In this video, PRC equips you with the following learning objectives:

  1. Understand how the flexibility of PRC’s Dashboard is designed to meet the varied needs throughout layers of your organization, from front-line managers to service line directors and department chairs and up through senior leadership and the c-suite
  2. Understand the full picture of your patient perceptions the Dashboard provides, both for dimension-level scores and individual measures
  3. Understand common best practices for selecting which columns you wish to view to align with your role and needs
  4. Understand the threshold comparisons provided, and the flexibility for aligning to your organizational goals