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Creating a Culture of Positivity: Embracing and Enhancing Excellence

February 17, 2022

PRC’s PX Success Series “Creating a Culture of Positivity” sessions provide a framework for embracing and enhancing excellence, keeping a focus on top box, and how to respond to changes in score by avoiding common pitfalls, identifying improvements, and maximizing the recognition of those to motivate your team for continued improvement.

In this video, PRC equips you with the following learning objectives:

  1. Learn what the most common response is nationally among patients
  2. Understand how to confirm what the most common response is among your patients by utilizing PRC EasyView® reporting
  3. Understand the reality of the distribution in your scores, and the encouraging message it brings for process improvement
  4. Learn best practices for reviewing and sharing your patients’ positive comments with your team

Sources and Further Resources:
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