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ICH CAHPS Updates for 2021

February 25, 2021

As with many other CAHPS® programs, publicly reported ICH CAHPS data has been frozen on Care Compare due to optional data submissions during spring 2020. The April 2021 update, which would have shown 2019 fall and 2020 spring survey results, will be skipped. The next scheduled update will take place in October 2021 and show data from 2019 fall and 2020 fall surveys, instead of 2020 spring and 2020 fall surveys.

CMS is using this time to see what changes are needed to the ICH CAHPS Survey. In June 2020, healthcare providers, patients, patient advocates, and industry experts discussed potential revisions to the ICH CAHPS Survey. This research continues in 2021 with virtual focus groups of ICH patients to prioritize topics to include on the ICH CAHPS survey. Any changes would need to be field tested prior to becoming part of the official ICH CAHPS survey, so official changes to the survey are not expected in 2021.

Finally, if you have noticed that your ICH CAHPS response rates have declined, the ICH CAHPS team shared ideas to educate patients and keep them engaged, which can be viewed here. As dialysis facilities tend to serve a small number of long-term patients, those patients may be sampled twice a year through the duration of their dialysis. Their continued participation is necessary to get useful data for your ICH facility.