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Keeping it Simple to Drive Excellent Patient Experiences

July 7, 2022

Making his second appearance as a guest on our Healthcare Experience Foundation (HXF) partners’ Healthcare Experience Matters Podcast this week is Jeff Robbins. Jeff joins us for a memorable discussion on what drives his passion for promoting excellent patient experiences.

As you will hear on today’s show, Jeff explains in simple terms how healthcare professionals can engage their patients to drive excellent experiences. We are grateful for Jeff’s candor on today’s emotional podcast interview.

“My Mom had the worst outcome you could have; however, the patient experience itself was fantastic,” Jeff told us.

Midway through today’s episode Jeff shares a personal story about his own mother’s experience in the hospital. This story has helped shape the passion he has for the coaching work he is a part of with the Healthcare Experience Foundation (HXF).

If you missed the first time Jeff joined us on this program, you can check out “Using Data to Tell a Story and Improve the Patient Experience” from March of 2022.

You can find that interview here.

Simply put, Jeff is a Coaching Leader with our team at HXF. Today’s discussion covers a lot about what drives his passion for the work that he does to improve the patient experience with HXF and we look forward to more opportunities to interview Jeff.

His desire to provide fantastic patient experiences is undeniable. He breaks down a lot of what makes an excellent patient experience into simple terms for us on this podcast episode.

“Don’t be afraid to keep it simple,” he reminded us.