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Using Data to Tell a Story and Improve the Patient Experience – Healthcare Experience Matters Podcast

March 24, 2022

Making his first appearance ever on our Healthcare Experience Foundation (HXF) partners’ Healthcare Experience Matters Podcast this week is Jeff Robbins. Jeff is a Coaching Leader with the HXF. He joins us to chat about what he has learned over the years when it comes to using data to tell a story and improve the patient experience.

Today’s conversation begins with Jeff discussing the origin story behind why he is so passionate about sifting through data to gain key insights that can be gamechangers.

According to Jeff, insights that he has uncovered are often times very specific and they can have an action plan built around them to drive results.

“What you have to do is mix the operational data with the experience data,” Jeff told us.

One of Jeff’s favorite examples of creating a change through data involved a physician who struggled on a particular day of the week.

The struggles coincided with this physician’s one day of the week he was taking his kids to school. This extra errand ended up making the physician late for work on a nearly weekly basis.

The patients were picking up on that extra stress and anxiety. While the physician tried to hurry and get caught up, he was failing to make connections with patients.

Once this was addressed, the patient experience was dramatically improved. This change was possible through uncovering patterns in both operational and experience data. Success stories like this remind Jeff why he is so passionate about his job.

“When it’s one simple thing like that, it eases everyone’s mind, and no one has to reinvent the wheel,” he told us.

More About Jeff

Jeff is perfectly suited to conduct patient experience improvement across the continuum of care by combining measurement with competency development. As a former group practice manager, Jeff knows intricately how to transform culture to deliver a remarkable experience to the patient—and he has demonstrated success.

Jeff builds on 15 years of healthcare experience in group practice, long-term care skilled nursing facilities and residential care facilities. Jeff spent four years managing the practices of a diabetes and endocrinology center, a cardiology clinic and a medical specialty clinic.

Jeff holds a master’s degree in Business Management from Baker University in Baldwin City, Kansas, and a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the University of Missouri. He is a Certified Patient Experience Professional and a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator.

Listen Now

You can hear Jeff’s interview about data, telling a story, and the patient experience here: