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Live! From Charleston with PRC

April 16, 2018

What is psychological safety and what does it mean for you and your team? Join us in Charleston to find out, no matter where in the world you might be!

Live! From Charleston with PRC

Join us on Tuesday, May 22 at 9 am EST, tune in to hear Dr. Michael Leonard’s keynote presentation, “The Power of Culture in Transforming Healthcare” as part of the 2018 Excellence in Healthcare Conference. Dr. Leonard will address the critical importance of psychological safety and the factors which improve an emotionally safe culture. To get even more out of this opportunity, slots are still available to attend the conference in person, please register here.

Though creating a safe and productive culture may seem intuitive, promoting such an environment can only be achieved through careful awareness of the existing workplace culture, paired with self-aware feedback and explicit behaviors, both of which Dr. Leonard will discuss.

Because culture is the glue that enables the consistent delivery of high quality, patient-centered care, it’s critically important that players of all levels understand their role in promoting psychological safety. This keynote will offer a practical framework for guiding a systematic approach to safe, highly reliable care, as well as tools and concepts that organizations can readily apply to create or add value. To view the livestream, visit PRC’s homepage and follow the link at the top of your screen. Remote viewers are welcome to submit questions online.

About the Speaker

Dr. Leonard, a founder of Safe & Reliable Healthcare, is a cardiac anesthesiologist by training, spending 20 years with Kaiser Permanente, both as a practicing clinician and leader, and 10 years as the National Physician Leader for Patient Safety. In 1999, he helped Kaiser forge a collaborative relationship with Dr. Robert Helmreich’s Human Factors Research Project, to work on the application of human factors teamwork and communication training into healthcare. Dr. Leonard is an Adjunct Professor of Medicine at Duke University School of Medicine.

Dr. Leonard has a deep interest in culture, leadership, teamwork, and reliability in diverse areas of clinical practice. He has taught extensively in high-risk areas such as surgery, obstetrics, and critical care to enhance safety. He is a faculty member of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, and has help train over 2,000 patient safety officers. Dr. Leonard recently collaborated on a third book on patient safety, The Essential Guide for Patient Safety Officers, published by the Institute of Healthcare Improvement and the Joint Commission.

EiH Live

In addition to Dr. Leonard’s keynote, this year will feature a live stream of the Awards Gala. Don’t miss this opportunity to support your team from afar. To view the livestream, visit PRC’s homepage and follow the link at the top of your screen. It’s not too late to register as a gala attendee! Visit our registration online and select “Gala Only.”

Congratulatory Videos

Attendees of the EiH Conference will have the opportunity to record a congratulatory video to share with their organizations. Options include a personalized video with PRC Principals or a congratulatory video. If you are interested in filming this video while attending the conference, please sign up for a time slot to record your video during the conference here. Please make sure to arrive 10 minutes early to your appointment. We appreciate your cooperation! Not sure what type of video to choose? See examples of past award videos below. Please contact us with any questions about award videos.

Video Filmed at Conference

Video Filmed prior to Conference