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Foundations of Excellence: One Team, One Goal

January 17, 2022

PRC’s PX Success Series “Foundation of Excellence” sessions provide education on key components to establishing an understanding of purpose for patient experience, how to consistently convey your culture, and how to leverage your patients and their loved ones as care team members.

In this video, PRC equips you with the following learning objectives:

  1. Learn what the most common key driver is nationally for driving overall patient experience perceptions
  2. Exercise your mind through a patient lens to begin breaking down silos across departments
  3. Learn the importance of setting non-negotiable service standards for patient experience
  4. Exercise your mind to think about ways in which your organization consistently does and/or could convey your culture
  5. Explore how your team does and can instill confidence in the care team from the eyes of your patients
  6. Learn ways in which you can help your patients and their loved ones feel integrated as part of the care team