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Safer Transitions: Closing discharge gaps with CARES™ Connect

June 29, 2021

In the past 6 months have you or a member of your staff:

  • Worried about a patient (or two) that was discharged from your unit but you had an inkling that neither they or their family member understood the instructions you provided
  • Felt you did not have enough time to spend with a patient and their family to ensure they understood all the follow up instructions
  • Realized that a patient you discharged a few days prior was back in the ER
  • Received notification of a readmission of a recently discharged patient with abnormal labs that indicated they did not take medications as prescribed

If you have, you are not alone. Research shows that newly discharged patients are at high risk for many reasons, which is exacerbated by our complex and challenging healthcare environment in hospitals today.

Join this 50-minute webinar to learn about what CARES™ Connect can do to help you feel more confident and ensure that your patients understand the crucial element of their discharge instructions and have a safer transition home.

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